Disturbing Scars

Whether a scar becomes a beautiful scar or a disturbing scar is dependent upon many factors: the place and the type of injury, the age and skin type of the injured and how a scar is treated during the healing process. A disturbing scar can be any combination of wide, red, bulging, hard or sunken.

As you can imagine, no scar will completely disappear, even with the best scar therapy in the world, but you can positively affect how it develops and change how it looks, making the scar flatter, smoother, softer and more pale.

A scar does not develop overnight. As a rule, the scar formation process takes about two years. During this time you can influence the development of the scar through scar treatments.

Questions? Under „Scar Therapy" you will find a number of scar healing tips, like how to take care of fresh scars, possible scar therapies, as well as tips on how to help scars heal more quickly and beautifully. A silicone gel scar treatment like Dermatix® Gel can help positively influence both newer and older scars.