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Dermatix® Gel is compatible with most skin types.

Its effectivity has been proven through numerous studies. In an open observation study of 1,522 patients (Sepermanesh, Kompendium Deramtologie, 2. Year. 2006, Nr.1), 98% of the users were content with results and found Dermatix® Gel to be "very well" or "well" tolerated by the skin.

The study also showed that the color, hardness, and unevenness of the scars were positively influenced by Dermatix® Gel.

Applying Dermatix® Gel

Dermatix® Gel

Used 2 x daily for at least 3 months, Dermatix® Gel changes the appearance of the scar. After the therapy, the scar appears flatter, smoother, lighter and generally less conspicuous.

Application of Dermatix® Ultra