General Application

Use Dermatix® Gel twice daily, best mornings and evenings for a period of at least three months.

This is how you use Dermatix® Gel

Please Note:

It can take some time for you to see the effects of Dermatix® Gel on the scar. This doesn't mean that Dermatix® Gel is not working. Have some patience and continue applying it to the scar for a minimum of the recommended period. Please read the leaflet in the package carefully before using Dermatix® Gel. You will find the leaflet in each package of Dermatix® Gel.

Step 1

Clean and dry the area to be treated.

Step 2

Apply a very thin layer of Dermatix® Gel to the cleaned area.

Step 3

Leave the treated area open for 4–5 minutes in order to allow Dermatix® Gel to dry. A thin film builds over the area and the skin feels clean and silky.