How Scars Form

Make-up of the skin

Before we talk about how scars form, and how Dermatix® Gel can help with scar healing, we need to understand the structure of the skin.

Like a multi-story house, the skin is made up of layers:

  • At the bottom is the ground floor, or the hypodermis
  • Then comes the first story, the dermis, or the „true skin"
  • And finally the roof story, the epidermis
How a Scar Forms

How a Scar Forms

When we injure ourselves, or when the house has a scissure, the injured area needs to be repaired. The body heals itself almost immediately: blood clots close the wound, the tear begins filling in with tissue from underneath. The result is a scar.

Imagine you bring in construction workers to fix the scissure in your house wall. They fill in the crack and make the wall stable again, but the crack remains visible.

When a wound is too deep, meaning that at least the dermis is broken, it is difficult for the body to repair the area correctly. This can be compared to a crack in the house running from roof story down into the first story.