Product Information

Dermatix® Gel is a silicone gel for the prevention and treatment of disturbing scars. Silicone has successfully been used by hospitals and medical practices for many years, which is why it is the number one scar treatment recommended by experts.

You can get Dermatix® Gel from your doctor, prescription-free in your pharmacy, or you can order comfortably and quickly online.

Dermatix® Gel works on a variety of symptoms:

  • Scars become less itchy.
  • Pain associated with scar healing is reduced. 
  • Red and dark-colored scars become lighter.
  • Scars beome flatter, softer and smoother.

Because it is simple to use and agrees with almost all skin types, Dermatix® Gel can also be used on children.

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Product Film:

Information about how scars form, how to apply Dermatix® Ultra and about how it works.